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Hello! I am LuthierTN, the author of this site and Leathercraft CAD software. If you are interested in coffee, leathercraft or CAD software for leather craft works, then you came to a right place! Please follow the link below. Currently I only have a few topics in this English site, but I will be adding more contents later. By the way, Luthier means a person who makes or repairs string music instruments. My full time job is related to Bio-Tech business and nothing to do with musical instruments (nor leather craft), but I have created more than 20 instruments such as guitars, violins, ukuleles in the past as hobby projects and that’s why I am using “Luthier” in my handle name.

Leathercraft CAD for Windows and macOS

Leathercraft CAD is a free CAD software (actually it’s a donation-ware) for Windows OS and macOS. It’s very simple but it’s specifically designed for leathercraft pattern drawing. Please click the below link to go visit the English page for Leathercraft CAD.
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My leathercraft projects

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Coffee & Espresso

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