Release Notes

2024/5/6 ver1.6.0
  • [Layer] Added layer features
  • [Expand/Shrink] Added expand/shrink of selected shapes only for horizontal or vertical direction
  • [Move] Added a feature to move the selected shapes for 1mm, 0.1mm, or 0.01mm with CTRL, CTRL+SHIFT, CTRL+ALT+Cursor keys (In macOS, Cursorkey + command, command+Shift, command+Option)
  • [Symmetory] Fixed a bug in line symmetory that symmetory shapes are created at a wrong place when the symmetory line is almost vertical (but not vertical).
  • [Others] Fixed typos and truncated labels
2024/3/4 ver1.5.5a
  • [Printing] Fixed a bug that the scale wasn't printed if it's not tile printing mode.
2024/3/4 ver1.5.5
  • [Printing] Added multi-page printing feature
  • [Printing] Added tile-printing feature
  • [Print Calibration] Changed the spec for calibration to do it with Portraid orientation. Then software will automatically flip the calibration value when printing in Landscape orientation.
  • [Windows11 Issue] The Windows11 issue seems still exists that the print dialog goes behind the main window and app looks frozen. Added another trick to avoid this issue. Hopefully it works.
  • [Convert to Path] Added a right-click menu to convert selected shape(s) into a path object.
2024/2/23 ver1.5.4a
  • [SVG Import] Added support for SVG file that describes coordinates in virtual coordinates defined by viewport.
2024/2/23 ver1.5.4
  • [Snap Feature] Added a feature to assign a point to snap to the other points (right-click->Set mouse pointer position as the snap point of the Selected Shapes)
  • [Grid Snap] Assigning a snap point will also enable snap to grid.
  • [Bezier Curve] When an edge of a Bezier curve is moved the nearest control point also moves.(Dragging with SHIFT key keeps the control point fixed)
  • [Repository] Added a feature to separate a repository template into shapes.
  • [Repository] A Bezier curve was registered to the repository as a chunk of small lines, but now a Bezier curve is registered as a Bezier curve.
  • [Repository] An arc was registered to the repository as a chunk of small lines, but now an arc is registered as one or more Bezier curves.
  • [Repository] A circle was registered to the repository as a chunk of small lines, but now registered as four Bezier curves.
  • [SVG Import] A SVG file was imported as a single non-editable object in the earlier versions, but now it's imported as individual shapes.
  • [SVG Import] Non-grouped SVG files were not supported in earlier versions but it's supported from this version.
  • [SVG Export of Arc] An arc is exported to SVG file as one or more Bezier curves instead of a chunk of small lines.
  • [Arc and Bezier curve] Added a right-click feature to convert an arc into one or more Bezier curves.
  • [Fixed Pitch Stitching] Fixed a bug that the default fixed pitch stitching was not working properly.
  • [Data Bug] Added a self data repair mechanism when there is a shape without assigned ID.
  • [DXF Export] Flip Y axis option was not working for DFX export. Fixed.
  • [Intersections] Sometimes intersection identification was not working properly. Fixed.
2024/2/22 ver1.4.7
  • [Alignment] Added features to align selected shapes left, right, top, bottom, and center horizontally or vertically.
  • [DXF Export] Added a feature to export a project as DXF file format.
  • [Trace] Added a hot key to show/hide tracing images.
  • [UI Bug Fixes] Fixed some UI issues (mostly in macOS) such as truncated words, etc.
  • [EULA] Update the EULA and eliminated the commercial license. Not only the individuals but also commercial organizations are allowed to use Leathercraft CAD for free even for commercial use.
2024/1/27 ver1.4.3
  • [SVG Export] Fixed an issue with macOS version that some of the buttons are overlapped with other parts in the SVG export window.
  • [LINE] Added "Horizontal" and "Vertical" radio button in the line tool bar.
  • [ARC] Now LINE shapes snap at the quarterly points.
  • [Dimension Line] Improved the size text position when the single line mode is selected not to overlap with the line.
  • [Speed Improvement] Improved drawing speed by ignoring shapes outside the view area when drawing.
  • [Speed Improvement] Arc mid point calculation was extremely slow. Fixed.
  • [Printing] Add an option to print only the selected shapes.
2024/01/16 ver1.4.0
  • [Print] Fixed a printing issue with macOS version that shapes were printed with thicker line.
  • [Line shape] Now LINE shapes snap at the quater and middle point.
  • [Arc shape] Now ARC shapes snap at the middle point.
  • [Mouse operation] Improved mouse-click sensitivity for high sensitivity mouse devices such as Apple's Magic Mouse.
  • [Mouse operation] Improved edge move sensitivity so that it will not move an edge by mistake when trying to move a shape.
  • [Mouse operation] Added an option to reverse the zooming direction when using mouse wheel.
  • [Keyboard operation] Added an option to reverse the grid area scroll direction when using cursor key.
  • [Print Calibration] Added an explanation in the option form how to perform print calibration.
  • [SVG Export] Added an option to export only the selected shapes.
  • [SVG Export] Added an option not to export shapes with invisible line type(s).
2023/12/23 ver1.3.7
  • [Mandala] Added Mandala features
  • [Line thickness] ALT + Mouse wheel changes the thickness of the selected shape(s)
  • [Golden Spiral] Added a feature to convert an arc into golden spiral (right-click on an arc)
  • [Golden Ratio Guide] Added a feature to draw Golden Ratio guide
  • [White Silver Guide] Added a feature to draw White Silver guide
  • [Boundary] You can now specify a margin when drawing boundary of selected shapes.
  • [Template Repository] Added a feature to flip selected repository template shapes.
  • [Shape Selection] Made the shapes with invisible line type not to react to mouse operation such as selection or move.
  • [Shape Scaling] Supported shape scaling up/down (expand/shrink
  • [Stitching Hole] Stitching hole angles were not calculated correctly on flipping or line symmetory. Fixed
  • [Working Area] Added a grid scale at the right top of the working area
  • [Working Area] Optimized the speed of zoom in/out to make it feel more natural.
  • [Ellipse size] Changing ellipse size with Shift key keeps the true circle shape.
  • [Arc editing] Now arc edge can be dragged to change the angle.
  • [Arc angle] The angle information of the selected arc is added to the status bar.
  • [Mouse Wheel] Changed the actions of mouse wheel as follows: +Shift, Alt+Shift: Scroll +Ctrl: Rotation +Ctrl+Shift: Expand/Shrink +Alt: Line thickness
2023/12/11 ver1.2.8a
  • [Beveling] Changed the minimum radius of beveling from 2mm to 0.2mm.
  • [Arc] Improved the smoothness of the arc drawing when the radius is small (< 5mm).
2023/12/11 ver1.2.8
  • [Shape Rotation] Supported rotation of selected shapes or groups. (Use []{} key)
  • [Angle of lines] When two intersecting lines are selected, the angle is shown in the status bar.
  • [Horizontal Vertical] Added a feature to rotate selected shapes to make the specified line horizontal or vertical.
  • [SVG Export] Changed the spec not to treat as a continuous line if line types are different even if two lines are connected end to end.
2023/12/03 ver1.2.5
  • [Stitching] Added stitching simulation mode. Press F6 key to turn on/off this feature. Use +- key for thread thickness. Use = key to turn on/off visibility of the even/odd stitches.
  • [Stitching] Added a feature to specify which stitching hole is connected for the data created with older than ver1.2.5.
  • [Line Pallet] Double-clicking a line pallet also toggles the visibility status of that line pallet (The same behavior as CTRL + Clicking on a pallet).
  • [SVG Import] Imported SVG data created with other application (such as Adobe illustrator) are now shown color filled for parts with closed drawing path.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug that the ID of the Copy & Pasted shape not renewed and sometimes that had induced some unexpected behavior.
2023/11/29 ver1.2.1a
  • [Internationalization] SVG export was not done correctly when the region setting is set to the area uses comma as the decimal separator. From this version Leathercraft CAD uses period (dot) as the decimal separator regardless of the regional settings for international consistency.
2023/11/23 ver1.2.1
  • [Line Pallet] When selecting shape(s), those shapes with a pallet set as invisible are ignored from this version. (It functions like layer feature in a way).
  • [Start Up] Fixed an issue that if the locale is set to an European country that uses comma as the decimal point the app would not start up for the second time.
2023/11/20 ver1.2.0a
  • [Print] Fixed a bug that print to file dialog opens after executing print.
2023/11/20 ver1.2.0
  • [Shape Selection] Clicking a shape with CTRL key pressed toggles the selection status from this version.
  • [SVG Export] A set of connected lines or curves are exported as a single united shape for better laser or cutting performance.
  • [SVGエExport] Shapes are now exported chunked by groups.
  • [Show/Hide line types] Line type pallet click with CTRL key toggles visibility status of the line type.
  • [Tracing] Fixed an issue that tracing backgroud images are printed to a shifted position.
  • [Printing] Fixed a Windows11 issue that sometimes it freezes when page setup dialog appears. (I think it's fixed)
  • [Auto Save] Fixed in issue with auto save that unlimited number of save dialogs appears when autosave option is turned on.
2023/11/12 ver1.1.5
  • [Distance Marking] Stitching holes and dots can be used as the origin of the distance marking feature from this version.
  • [Shape Selection] When selecting shapes with left mouse click, only the most recent shape is selected unless CTRL or Shift is pressed at the same time.
  • [Dimension] Dimension annotation features were not working with ver1.1.3. Fixed.
2023/10/16 ver1.1.3
  • [Undo/Redo] Improved the speed performance of Undo and Redo
  • [MacOS Sonoma] Fixed the screen zoon issue with macOS 14 Sonoma
  • [Text Drawing] Improved the usability of Text drawing feature
2023/9/28 ver1.1.0 Release
  • [Trimming] Added trimming feature for line, arc and circle shapes (oval, Bezier curve are not supported yet).
  • [Dimension] Added dimension annotation feature (linear and radius of arc).
  • [Dimension] Press F5 key to toggle dimension annotation on and off.
  • [Arc] Renewed arc drawing algorithm. Now it support arc over 180 degree in 3-point method.
  • [Grid] Display More informative meta information of a selected shape in the status bar.
  • [Auto Stitch] Fixed a bug in auto stitching that sometimes the pitch was not calculated correctly when stitching is start from an intersection of a line or arc.
  • [Offset] The ID of the arc shape generated with an offset action was set to -1. Fixed.
  • [Text] Pasting into text edit box of the text shape tool bar was not functioning. Fixed.
  • [Text] Fixed a bug with text shape that the font type is changed back to default font after moving.
  • [Text] It now remembers the last used font type and font size when closing the app.
2023/8/28 ver1.0.0 Release
  • [Repository] Fixed an issue that in macOS version, template list order changes were not saved.
  • [Auto Stitching] Sometimes the first or last stitching hole's rotation angle was wrong. Fixed.
  • [Editing Feature] "Delete stitching Holes on the selected line(s)" feature sometimes left the start of the end of a shape. Fixed.
    2023/8/20 ver0.9.13 beta
    • [Auto Stitch] Improved auto stitching hole feature speed and accuracy (But there are some cases that still takes long time...)
    • [Corner Beveling] Fixed a bug that intersection calculations are not done for the generated arc after beveling
    • [Font] Added Yu Gothic, Yu Mincho and Meiryo to Windows version and made the Yu Gothic UI as default
    • [Shape Selection] It was hard to select a shape inside a bigger template. Fixed.
    • [Repository Template] macOS version needed to manually install the template shapes to the repository. Automated from this version.
    • [Internationalization] Added English mode to the app and made it switchable anytime from the app UI.
    • [Internationalization] Made documents such as Release Notes, License Agreement, etc. accessible from the app UI and also made it possible to switch between English and Japanese.
    2023/8/6 ver0.9.12 beta
    2023/8/1 ver0.9.10 beta
    2023/7/26 ver0.9.9 beta
    2023/7/24 ver0.9.8 beta
    2023/07/22 ver0.9.7 beta
    2023/07/19 ver0.9.6 beta
    2023/07/18 ver0.9.5c beta
    2023/07/18 ver0.9.5b beta
    2023/07/17 ver0.9.5 beta
    2023/07/13 ver0.9.4 beta
    2023/07/11 ver0.9.3 beta
    2023/07/10 ver0.9.2c beta
    2023/07/09 ver0.9.2a beta
    2023/07/04 ver0.9.1 beta

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