Hot Keys & Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys

macOS version: Use cmd key instead of CTRL key
CTRL + ASelect All
CTRL + DDeselect All
CTRL + CCopy to clipboard
CTRL + VPaste from clipboard
CTRL + XCut to clipboard
SHIFT + CTRL + CMove or Copy With Set Distance
CTRL + ZUndo
CTRL + NNew Project
CTRL + OOpen Project From File
CTRL + SSave Project
SHIFT + CTRL + SSave Project As
CTRL + PPrint
CTRL + IFlip Horizontally
CTRL + JFlip Vertically
CTRL + RReset Scale To Show All Shapes
CTRL + FFlip Shape Path Direction
CTRL + GGroup
CTRL +UUngroup
CTRL + LLine Symmetry

Hot Keys

DDot mode
LLine mode
EEllipse mode
VArc mode
BBezier Curve mode
RRectangle mode
TText mode
PPricking Iron (Stitching) Mode
XBeveling (Round Corner) Mode
OOffset Mode
CCenter Line Mode
MDistance Marking Mode
WTracing (Backdrop) Mode
ASelect Mode
YOpen Template Repository
*Clear All
I (i)Show/Hide Intersections/Joints
GShow/Hide Grid
SShow/Hide Scale (Ruler)
FReset Scale Origin
>Show shape path orientation (An arrowhead will be added at the end of the path)
!トリミング (Trimming) (since v1.1.0)
#Dimension Annotation Mode (since v1.1.0)
F5Show/Hide dimension annotations (since v1.1.3)

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